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Zipline in Lincoln Park? Thanks for the offer, but, uh…No Thanks.

There is a proposal to install a Zipline and ropes course amusement area in Lincoln Park (you can learn more about it here on WSB, Tracy’s article garnered more comments than any in the history of the blog).  There is a wave of activism against this proposal and this coming week will include a presentation by the offending developers to the Fauntleroy Community Association Tuesday at 7pm, Fauntleroy Hall.  More informal meetings of outraged west seattleites are happening throughout the week.

Lincoln Park in West Seattle is a pristine old growth forest in an urban setting, a unique gem on the Salish Sea

There are two Facebook Groups you can join, just search on Zipline Lincoln Park or anything like that and you’ll find them.

There are a few blogs springing up in an effort to get the word out, such as this great one.

Here are a few things I’m thinking about regarding the numbskull idea:

–Go Ape says the park will handle *only* 14 riders per hour.  14.  That’s likely 20-30 more cars at any given point during the day in the parking lot, if you consider the inevitable wait lines for riders.  There is talk that this will necessitate a new parking lot in the park.

–No trees will be harmed in the process of building and maintaining the park, the developers say.  It only impacts the tree tops.  THE TREE TOPS, where our eagles, hawks, owls, herons and other large birds roost and hang out.  Loss of predator birds will result in a burgeoning rat infestation, which will be helped along vigorously by the waste and trash produced by the concession stands.

–Traffic along Fauntleroy—do we really need to discuss this?  Sometimes the ferry lines stretch back 4 or 5 miles.

–No alternative revenue ideas to help defray the costs of maintaining the park have been investigated or attempted.

There are many communities that have successfully pushed back on these development plans and specifically against Go Ape.  A few are:

Napa Valley
Monterey County
Woodinville WA

Let’s all just say No.


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Trileigh Tucker

On this perfect Independence Day—70°, beautiful blue sky, mild breeze drifting down the Salish Sea, the Olympics glowing on the horizon—there’s nothing I’d rather be doing than wandering by myself in a quiet forest glen, taking pictures of warblers and Cooper’s Hawks. Perhaps coming back later to do some writing: a blog entry or the draft of a new article. Yet here I am in my study, setting up group Facebook pages, reading about tragedies in unregulated industries, planning protests and organizing people to go to meetings.

It all started exactly a week ago, when my friend Melanie emailed me that my beloved city—that same city that’s known nationwide for its environmental bent—has been working for a year in secret on a proposal to establish a for-profit commercial “zipline adventure” in one of the most densely wooded parts of our park. They were collaborating with a UK company peculiarly called…

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