Keawakapu beach sky

About a zillion years ago, Brian and I challenged each other–over capuccino and a view of the glittering Puget Sound–to start our own blogs. He beat me by several days, but here I made it at last (2006). Practice makes perfect.

I am an artist, a teacher, a creative-intuition-work leader, as well as a consultant in social media, online customer experience and support. you can visit my other blog, which is about creative endeavors and the like here. In this blog, I focus mostly on environmental issues, starting with my own backyard, my own neighborhood, my city, country, planet.

You can visit my artist site here, enjoy and love life!

7 responses to “About

  1. Cass,

    I just included your blog in my “Top 15 Green Chicks Blogs”


  2. Hi, you have a cool blog, and you seem to be a pretty active green blogger!
    I thought you might like our new eco clothing label Pamoyo. If you like it, we can have a link exchange.

    Kindest, Frans

  3. To reply to your question on Twitter, I have Acrobat and, of course, Preview but I almost always open PDFs using the QuickLook feature which displays the PDF within the OS, not really using an external program. I do this because it’s instant. When I do want to open a PDF, I use Preview. I -never- use Acrobat because as a separate application it takes awhile to launch. Preview launches in just one or two seconds so I use that–when the QuickLook feature isn’t enough, like when I want to have the PDF open in the background while I do something else.

  4. Cass-
    really like your POV- put a link on my blog of your plastic disturbia…
    many thanks,

  5. Could someone get back in touch with me via e-mail please.

  6. Could someone get back in touch with me via e-mail please.


  7. Hi guys

    Where are you based? Could you email direct on my email please? I have a project I’m working on and I’d like to get you guys involved



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