Monthly Archives: April 2010

Burn baby Burn: Gulf Coast update

So, the powers that be have decided that the only thing they can do to make sure the spilled oil from the offshore drilling platform collapse doesn’t reach the shore…is to burn the oil.

Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Devil and the deep blue sea comes to mind.

If they take time to review more options, the slick will hit endangered shallows in the gulf off Louisiana and other states. That’s bad.

But I’m thinking, isn’t the Gulf a major corridor for migrating birds and isn’t a lot of that migrating happening…well, NOW.

PBS does a pretty good overview of the situation.  The talking heads insist that when they first told us nothing was leaking that they really thought nothing was leaking.

Midway Atoll: Art, Grief and Transformation

Take a look at some photos from the front–the front being that stretch of sea that holds the world’s biggest floating garbage patch.  Will it someday come to be known as an “oceanfill” like landfill?

Chris Jordan’s work is entitled “Art, Grief and Transformation.”  As he says, the grief of seeing wildlife killed by having ingested plastic it thinks is food is nearly too much to contemplate.

The amount of plastic we are producing, discarding, and sending into the food chain is unfathomable.  Our disconnect from the reality of overpopulation and over-consumption is stunning.  How did we evolve to such a level of magic thinking?