Monthly Archives: September 2009


I had a good veggie dinner out by the pond this dusky evening, the nearby park so quiet, a chill in the air after a blaze of warm sun most of the day. The nearby grape arbor was decked out in scarlet reds and golds and greens and I thought about our first harvest of grapes this summer.  Everything was so still, so quiet, the raucousness of summer almost seemed a dream.

Most years I dread autumn.  I’ve viewed it in terms of endings rather than what it is: a settling, a time of pulling inward.  This year for some reason, it’s beautiful to me.  The trees, our gardens, the birds, all sense the change and move with it.  Even as evening fell, and the chill in the air became more pronounced, I felt happy. This has been a season of absolute abundance.

Then the moon rose, silent and steady and slipped behind the clouds.  Peace.