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Comment re Earth 3.0

I’ve been getting heavy traffic on my article from a while ago entitled “Plastic Disturbia.”  One of the commenters, kevinkrejci pointed me to a special edition of Scientific American called Earth 3.0.  It’s a good read and discusses the earth and our relationship to it in a new light: product.  We upgraded to Industrial Revolution in 2.0, and now are ready for a big upgrade, doncha think?

Read it here: Earth 3.0.  Thanks Kevinkrejci!

Woke up this morning with a yodel in my brain

Craig Ferguson, thank you.

This is so just exactly how I feel. It captures the very heart and soul of ME.

Second Thursday in Lovely Downtown West Seattle

Second Thursday is a hood-wide art walk with lots of participants all along California.  Northwest Encaustic Studio, part of the art scene in The Building which will also have many studios open for visiting, is hosting a show of encaustic art by Mark Rudis.  The show and the art walk generally, goes from 6-9, there will be a reception and etc.  See you there

Here’s a sample of Rudis’ work:

Mark Rudis