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From Beck, a friend who imagined WWJDINAZ (what would J do in AZ)

Officer:  Name?
Jesus:  Jesus
Officer: Last name?
Jesus:  Christ
Officer:  What are you doing here?
Jesus: Well, I’m a carpenter and fisherman, but mostly I just talk about love and peace. Oh and sometimes heal the sick.
Officer:  Are you licensed in any of those trades?
Jesus:   No, sir
Officer: U.S. Citizen? Where were you born?
Jesus:  The Mideast, Bethlehem

Officer:  Pennsylvania?

Jesus:  Uh, no sir
Officer: OK so you weren’t born in the US, do you have your passport or birth certificate on you?
Jesus:  No Sir, I’ve never had either one.

Officer:   OK wise guy, let’s just start over. What is your father’s name?
Jesus: Oh, God….