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I LOVE this blog….

Here’s a line from a blog my pal Jodene pointed me to:

…when religion becomes more institution than faith, there is no room for change.

Jocelyn, the professed and proud Christian author of WTF Would Jesus Do? is my hero.  She reads the news, listens, and passes harsh judgment on those who use the Christian religion for their own usually-power-or-personal-gain-involved reasons.  She calls ’em like she sees ’em and she sees a lot of hypocrisy and self-service in the headlines.

She wants her faith back, she wants the loving Jesus her grandmother’s talk about back. She takes on the ridiculous revenue-generating nonsense of creationism vs. science, the seriously revenue-and-power-generating issue of gays and gay marriage, wildly suggesting that Jesus loves us all…where’s the money in that?  She even takes on the issue of Christian Pajamas. She’ll stop at nothing.

Jocelyn: you are flat-out awesome.  May the force be with you.