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my mama told me: you better shop around (Health Insurance for the Healthy)

Dear Group Health: it might be time to start seeing other people.  I mean, I love you guys and all, but the relationship’s getting a little strained.

And then you sent me that letter telling me, after several plan changes and rate increases, that my plan, on average will go up 14.5% beginning like immediately or something, and I started thinking: Hmmm.  You takin’ me for a ride, love?  Cuz you’ve rearranged the furniture so many times, I’m starting to feel like I’m on the Titanic.

But then, then! I go in for my extremely expensive once-a-year exam, an exam that I feature costs more than a few thousand dollars since I have no chronic issues, no health problems, and basically never even see you guys and how am I treated?  Haphazardly, that’s how.  Carelessly.  Poorly.  And, worse? Incompletely.  I’m going to be 59 tomorrow, do you think it might be time to do a cholesterol test?  Maybe?  I haven’t had one in recent memory. And don’t get me started on that Pap smear, my friend, don’t even get me started.

I’m going to take my feedback to the young fresh doctor directly, but Group Health collectively?  You’re on the verge of losing a subsidizer.  Subsidizer–that’s me.  I pay and pay, use phenomenally little, take extremely good care of my own health, and though it’s a fact that my good health/good fortune could turn on a dime, for now: I’m a subsidizer.

So, I’m officially shopping around, if anyone should stumble on this blog.  I’m looking for a new relationship.  Here are my particulars:

  • Cost-conscious but certainly willing to pay my share–and I will likely be a subsidizer for your pool of subscribers.
  • Very healthy, regular exercise and activity, no known risk factors, no chronic anything and scant history of any concerns, pretty healthy and long-lived family history, no smoke/no drink/vegetarian with fondness for dark greens.  Gravest risk to my health is a fondness for ice cream and coffee.

What about you?  AsurisPremera?  Someone else entirely?  Really, what I want to know is this: is there insurance out there for people like me who want to take the majority share of responsibility for their health, and check in with you every once in a while?  Cuz it all seems so focused on bad health, chronic issues, the cash cows…know what I mean?

If you read this and have ideas, let me know.  It seems like a high water mark complex-and-bad out there, and I’m hoping I can get on some kind of better track.