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WoLP #16.5: sculpture dude

Just a quickie: you know the guy who does the insanely beautiful balance sculptures with driftwood down at the beach? His name is always Sky, variously surnamed Darwin or Wulf or Artomotive. Sky will be at the beach for this Saturday’s Celebrate LP festivities.

A list of things about his art:

1. It’s beautiful and makes you slow down inside.
2. He loves it when others want to try to learn how to do the driftwood balancing act.
3. Sky digs the beach, and you can feel it.
4. He’s a goofball artist.
5. You must make a point of seeing it.
6. Check it out here: Facebook.com/ShiftwoodSculpture (and then Like his page)

Go play at the beach–see you there!


Celebrate Lincoln Park–this Saturday, April 27, 10:30 to 2:30, all kinda good goin on.


52WoLP, week 7: A most beautiful thing

This week in 52 Weeks of Lincoln Park, we meet Sky Darwin, a local artist you might see if you’re very lucky along the shores of the Salish Sea in Lincoln Park. He does beautiful things with driftwood. Beautiful. His sculptural works made me think of mandalas, because surely the delicately balanced pieces he was fine tuning would be washed away with the next high tide. And that, of course, only added to the pleasure of his creations. Take a gander:

Sky studied at Cornish and has been working on these all-too-brief sculptural installations since Sept. 2012. He has a background in dance, music and design–all in evidence here. He took videos of the finished product but as yet they’re not up on vimeo or youtube. On the other hand, they are up on his facebook page so maybe look him up–the vids are great because you can hear kids marveling at the pieces moving gently in the sunset breeze.

These pieces were beautiful. And as predicted, I cruised by the spot where they were a day or so later, and they were gone. Beauty is fleeting.

Thanks Sky!

Addendum 3/4/13: Sky now has an official Facebook page–https//:www.facebook.m/ShiftwoodSculpture check it out, he put more pictures and videos there, and will keep it fresh with new stuff for our pure, unadulterated enjoyment. Live aloha!