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Day 104: WLwC, stumble upon and Mac Maintenance

So, I’ve had the Stumble-upon tool bar up for about a week now and generally lovin it–it’s a pretty slick way of pushing content that you might actually be interested in. Yesterday, though, I wasn’t so sure.

I had a moment before my next appt and decided to just check what’s out there and clicked on the video icon. What I got, based on my profile which included that I’m a vegetarian, was the vid narrated by Alex Baldwin called Meet your Meat . I made it through about 2 minutes of it. It was so disturbing… and yet important–but I’ve already gone through the loss-of-denial process around the meat industry so I didn’t want to see it again.

Bottom line: if you think you might want to become vegetarian, watch it–it’ll speed that transition along nicely. If you still want to enjoy those steak dinners or pork chops, don’t go there. I really can’t imagine it not impacting you.

Just to balance things out, I used stumble-upon (is this kind of an “I feel lucky” google feature on steroids?) to surf a little and found this excellent veg-head recipe for a dinner that I’ll be trying out very soon. Apparently I didn’t lose my appetite completely.

My pal at NorthofNormal has a spring cleaning list for Mac users out there. Check it out, I’m running some of the apps on my system later today. Thanks Bri!

Daily Stats (Thursday)

Car: 0
Bike: 0
Foot: approx 3 miles
Bus: 0