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Day 257: MLwC and a new green site that’s not what you would expect…

Think green sites are lacking a certain je ne sais quois? Humor, edge, sex? Well, you would be wrong….check out GreenThing, a new non-profit social networking site started by a group of certifiables, including a friend of mine James Alexander of many start-ups-fame. The first vid on the home page is fabulous! Predictably, the humor on the site is completely off-color good fun, slightly scandalous for our protestant-american sensibilities. Gotta love that.

The vids are unexpected and subtle enough to actually be pushing green thinking to a new level–thank god. There’s no pamphleting, per se; a green consciousness is built in and present a new way to learn about being green. Take a look at the vid for October--very clever. I’m sending you to their site instead of posting the vid here because the site is well worth taking a few minutes out to explore. Enjoy! And best of luck to GreenThing!

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Encyclopedia of Life and E. O. Wilson’s one wish

I just visited the Encyclopedia of Life and watched E.O Wilson’s 20 minute video, upon receiving the 2007 TED prize.

Wilson discusses the vast importance of insects to our living environment….he focuses on the massive scale of insect life that is simply unknown and yet are key parts of our great chain of life.

Also: there’s a fabulous vid-within-vid moment accompanied by Billie Holiday.  Worth a watch and a listen.

So, what is E. O. Wilson’s one wish?  That we work together to build the Encyclopedia of Life– built and shared by all communities around the world.  For the first time ever, the ability to gather and share the enormous magnitude of knowledge about science, biology, the climate, global warming, species preservation–the ability to gather this information is within reach due to the internet.

Well, if you check out, it looks like Wilson got his wish.  Cool.

Day 59 & 60: My life w car…and a note about elearning

Is elearning effective? I’ve wondered that for a long time…personally sometimes it works, like for short topics with clearly identified skill goals, and sometimes it doesn’t work, especially for conceptual learning. IMHO, It’ll never work for teaching customer service handling skills, for example–that’s a practice and mentoring issue.


But I was reading Design for Living this morning and was captured by her idea of rolling several other layers into traditional elearning–blogging on the subject matter, for example, being able to share one’s experience or understanding of the subject matter, adding to it, filling it out, making it more vital to the individual or community–and that made a lot of sense to me.

The biggest problem for me with elearning is how “flat” it feels–it forces me into such a passive role and I get antsy in about now time at all. Anyway, this idea of adding several community creating layers to elearning is just great–and the elearning company could potentially use the information to vastly improve their content on an ongoing basis. win/win.

On the car front: after tax time, I’ve pretty much realized that I can actually call my car a 100% business related expense since anymore I’m doing all my tasks, errands, etc on my bike. This helps me see my car in a more limited way–and I really like that.

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