Daily prompt: Eerie

<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/eerie/”>Eerie</a&gt;

“It’s Erie, not eerie,” she said dismissively.

“I’m pretty sure it’s Eerie. The Eerie Canal. It’s mainly used by recreational witchcraft now, I read it in Wikipedia.”

“Watercraft. It’s used by recreational watercraft.”

“Don’t be silly. What the hell is watercraft, anyway? It said Witchcraft, I’m sure. And also, opponents were executed in 1808 and buried there.”


“Yeah, I read it. And also, the guy who built it went bankrupt and died in an insane asylum.”

“Oh for god sake.”

“Seriously. And Jefferson called it madness and also Clinton was involved.”

“Wait, what? Clinton wasn’t even alive then.”

“She was. She was the Governor of New York and they called the Eerie Canal Clinton’s Folly. So yeah, she was there all right.

And then there were the Irish. This whole Catholic conspiracy and of course the Witches hated that and there were riots, but somehow the thing got built. But not before the Irish put a curse on it.”

“Good lord.”

“I know, right? So there were leaks and structural problems and then also, the Railway system bought it and then they went bankrupt too.”

“But you make it sound like a disaster. It was a success. Why do you make it sound like such a disaster?”

“Well, maybe it was a success, but it was also a disaster. The Eerie Canal is haunted, everyone connected to it died, went insane or bankrupt, Clinton is at the center of it, and nowadays it’s only used by recreational witches. You tell me: which story is more interesting?”

“I give up.”

“Because I’m right.”



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