Daily prompt: Bridge

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I once went out with a guy named Jeff Bridge. Not Bridges, because then he would have been Jeff Bridges and that would have been a different situation altogether. I mean, I’m pretty sure Jeff Bridges would have  caught a clue. So he wasn’t that Jeff but this other Jeff and really, I liked him ok. He was a nice guy. I was a baby lesbian, not entirely committed but definitely headed in that direction and I assume that whole thing may have had some bearing on our eventual breakup.

But really, it was his pretty obvious long term view of our…well, what to call it. I wasn’t advanced enough to call it Our Relationship. I was just a regular old extreme-introvert who had no relationship to speak of with the word Relationship or anything else so using it to describe what we shared never would have struck me. Jeff seemed to be around, is how I thought of it, and then we sometimes were around together at a movie. Or a beer. It strikes me now that we were likely around together more than that but I have no recollection of it.

So, the obvious long term view thing. It mystified me, since as far as I could tell, we were just hanging around. I suspect that In the absence of my actual presence in the around-ness we shared, he may have felt free to simply make stuff up. Stuff about Us. Stuff about our long term potential. Of which there was next to nothing and I knew that, duh, but he didn’t and I couldn’t imagine he didn’t know something so painfully obvious, and so nothing was shared on that very important discussion point.

It seemed to me like Jeff Bridge was always making plans about a thing that didn’t exist. Until finally, I sort of remember a conversation involving his family and the dinner we would all share and I started laughing. Snorting beer up my nasal cavities, uncontrollably laughing. It was like watching a movie, a really funny movie, Jeff and me, his baby lesbian girlfriend, hanging around together at the dinner table with the Bridge family. Ludicrous, really.

Soon after, he stopped calling. I felt sort of bad for a while. Not that he stopped calling, but that he had all those weird ideas. People make all kinds of stuff up and at some point you’re like, What? And, seriously, it’s downhill from there.

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