52WoLP, week 8: the view from the north waterfront trail

The north trail road, on the other side of the Colman Pool where the old sea wall is still visible and holding back the sea, offers some interesting tidbits to consider.

On the upside, the trunks of the trees that line the road are curious. A friend of mine, Erica M., recently sent me a shot of The Octopus tree that speaks all kinds of stories, holding on, reaching up, its roots deep in the steep incline.

Another tree trunk I love on that road, pure kitsch, pure shared impulse, is the Alter. The contents change all the time, from pretty rocks to dolls and toys that wash ashore, to mementos of loved ones. Once I found a note on the beach that I only read part of; it seemed so private, such a personal wish for happier times. I folded it back up and tucked it into the Alter. I hope those wishes came true.

On the downside..after the photos….




The downside…this road is getting more truck traffic than ever before it seems, and as a result, the path road is getting wider and wider, encroaching on the hillside. Trucks are fine, in their way…they’re necessary of course. But the trucks themselves are getting bigger, wider, etc. I know Parks has smaller trucks. I’ve seen them. Is there some way we can restrict in park road/path maintenance to the smaller trucks? That’d be nice.


2 responses to “52WoLP, week 8: the view from the north waterfront trail

  1. Please include me in any correspondance cas someone very interested in the new Alliance for Luncoln Park.

  2. Will do, Karen–at the moment we’re getting some basics together. There will be more info forthcoming in the FCA newsletter which will be online in a month..here: http://www.fauntleroy.net/newsletter.html. Stay tuned!

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