52 Weeks of Lincoln Park: LP Watch

The thing is, there’s always something going on. Obviously there are the seasonal and weather related things, there’s the tides and shifting cliffs and such. But there’s also this other stuff–science projects, maintenance projects, projects out of the blue, who-knows-what-this-is projects. You go to the park several times a week and you’ll see what I mean: it’s rarely the same.

So #5 of 52WoLP curiosities: a fog collection project, somewhat ill-considered radical-pruning, and a pair of antique water skis, circa 1965.

First up: passive fog collection project by a UW student, studying anew a technique of harvesting water that’s been around for a very long time. It’s pretty cool in that its ridiculously simple, and it will be down by the Colman Pool until April. Happy collecting!


Second up: ugly I mean, ill considered pruning, south end of park and near the first parking lot:



And finally: someone neatly placed a pair of very old water skis at the south end parking lot for our viewing pleasure. Most years, towards the end of summer, it’s warm enough for some impressive water skiing and wake riding to take place in the cove. I suspect that at some point these very skis saw a few good runs in their day, and have been returned for their final ride home.


4 responses to “52 Weeks of Lincoln Park: LP Watch

  1. Is that Salal that was pruned? Ouch.

  2. Hi Cass,
    Are you the Cass down below on Cloverdale below my parents?
    I like your blog and the new org you are accumulating about protecting Lincoln Park. I am with you all the way. I have been watching the park deteriorate for 20 years ( or more) by miss management. I know the feeling and can’t take much more of it . You can count on me to help in any way as an Arborist and forever a Fauntleroy boy who wants to keep Lincoln Park a healthy environment for the birds, bees and the trees.

    • Hey Mark–it’s great to hear from you, and your help, both as arborist and fauntleroy boy will be needed! LP has indeed deteriorated, and it seems to be doing so at a pretty brisk clip lately, so our collective work is cut out for us. More soon, stay tuned.

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