52 Weeks of Lincoln Park: everybody knows

Well, not everybody.  The kids in the neighborhood know, and I’m guessing other kids know too–about the butt rock and boob tree, important LP landmarks. We’re at week #3 in 52WoLP and going straight from the sublime to the silly….but to be honest, the butt rock and the boob tree are awesome landmarks, imho.

So without further ado:

A friend of mine discovered one day that a part of one of the madronas looks just like a woman with long hair.  I haven’t found it yet, but I’m sure there are others.  If you have photos of faves, please send and I’ll post.  Yay LP!

3 responses to “52 Weeks of Lincoln Park: everybody knows

  1. I am familiar with boob tree, but sadly, I have missed butt rock. How is this possible?

    Other favorite landmarks: the pockmarked tree on the path to the beach (made from hungry sapsuckers), the cedar in the center forest that is embracing the douglas fir with her roots (are they sharing nutrients?), and the driftwood in front of the pool that looks like a dancing river otter. I’m sure there are more, possibly even more bodily appendages, but I’ll leave those to someone else…

  2. I’ll email them to you.

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