Wrong, so so wrong: octopus harvest in West Seattle

This is being covered both locally and nationally: two divers “harvested” two of our precious and beautiful giant octupi, one of them still on her eggs, and were apparently boasting of their catch.

It’s legal to “harvest” these creatures with a license, but the entire region is outraged. They are not numerous, are a treasure, and the two that lived in the cove off Alki are now gone–for all of us. It’s brutal and thoughtless.

You may be inclined to voice an opinion about this. The director of local fish and wildlife email is
director@dfw.wa.gov and the phone number is 360-20902-2200.

You can also sign a petition that has just been started to protect these creatures we share our environment with–find that here.

And finally…harvest? I harvest tomatoes from my garden in September. The creatures around us are not harvestable commodities, just sayin.


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