Runnus Interuptus

running yogini

Last summer we did a very ambitious overhaul of our garage and living spaces…re-org and clean out, renovation and remodel.  It was hugely successful and we so enjoy the many fruits of our many labors.  But….

The old bod took a beating in the process.  We had an improbable time-frame to deal with, and big big plans…I was so exhausted physically that running took a back seat.  Everything did, actually, at least for a while.

It took a long time to recover from that and some things–a weird ping in my shoulder, that little curve in my back never came back like it was–were just not right thereafter.

Recently I’ve had the insight to return to yoga…I used to be hard core about yoga until running slowly took precedence, finally beating it out entirely as my preferred activity.  Mistake, that.  I was so stiff after that summer project–and it just never seemed to get much better.

Running and yoga sometimes don’t work  so well together.  Sometimes those muscles you’re stretching like so much warm taffy actually work better when they’re a little less flexible, or little more taut. But I felt like the magic of yoga was likely going to be the only thing to get me back in my body, so I began practicing daily. It felt so good, it hurt like hell.  At the same time I’ve cut down my runs to about 25 minutes–good little runs, some hills, interesting paths–but not too strenuous.

When I get back, I do 25 to 50 minutes of yoga to follow on the run.  It’s working–that’s the big news.  I’m actually starting to feel right in my body again, and am going to continue this approach for a month.  I don’t run every day, usually every other day, but I do do yoga everyday.

It’s good.  Sometimes the same old routine just doesn’t cut it, and you need to reboot, as it were.  I’ll be back to my old running routine by Spring, I think,  but in the meantime, yoga is working its magic.

2 responses to “Runnus Interuptus

  1. Hi Cass, i SO get the stiff bod thing. I have been wanting to start running but haven’t gone and done it yet. Just did a yoga workshop this weekend and REALLY stretched my spine out, and am now walking around like I’m strapped to a wooden plank! Looking for a balance. Maybe a walk today instead.
    I have been on my iPhone so not sure if I can send a link to my blog site. I will try again from my blog work page later today. Definately a work in progress. My learning curve is straight up!

    • wow Jodi–great to hear from you! Yoga is amazing, I love the way it makes walking feel so loose and happy. Running is a great thing, I started late, like maybe 53 or so and it just sort of happened…I used to take long long walks and at some point, I just started including a bit of running. Then I got bit…now it’s just part of everything else, including a mood balancer, and I take care so I can run through all the ages of my life…that would be something. I may be slow but I show up for roll call, and that’s something. You go girl, love to hear how it goes!

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