Running Past 50: ‘Tis the Season

We went out on our stand-up paddle boards the other evening–it was the first outing this year for me. I sort of thought I’d be waiting till it warmed up more, but suddenly when the sun made its brilliant appearance, I couldn’t wait anymore. I had to get out there on the water

It was a brief dusky paddle in the Lincoln Park cove: we watched the sun heading down in the west, the glittering diamond-water and a little bit of wind kicking up, causing some chop and just enough challenge to keep things interesting on the boards. As soon as we were out there, I felt the memory of this new sport coursing through me–ahhh, this is a beautiful thing.

After about 20 minutes, though, my feet really started to hurt. I have to work with my feet a lot to stave off plantar fasciitis, and know this will be the way it is for the duration. Stand-up paddling, for all its unique loveliness, is a total body work-out from shoulders to toes, and I was feeling it.

I can’t wait to do some short foot races this year, fund-raisers and fun runs, but out on the water, I was relieved I’d made the right decision about not training for a half-marathon–not right now anyway. We’ll see how it goes with the paddling, but for now, I have two loves, running and paddling, and I have to plan accordingly.

If we are very lucky, we will find a way to do what we love.


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