Running past 50: my nine mile adventure

This past Saturday I had the most awesome run I’ve maybe ever had. What started out as a tentative run in potential snow and high winds turned into a fabulous, full hearted run in snow + rain + sleet + sun and hardly any wind to speak of. I’m writing this blog to once again sing the praises of Self Talk.

We all do self-talk. Sometimes we’re purposeful about it: before a big interview or a meeting, before a race, before a party if you’re shy. Whatever, we tell ourselves stories about ourselves and often, those stories turn out to be true. Imagine. Anyway, I got to thinking about my runs lately, how I’m upping the miles but not feeling so great and sometimes not enjoying them so much. I also got to thinking about my last post and the guy who has a running mantra tailored after James Brown’s song I feel Good.

And I decided: today I’m going to feel great throughout my run. I’m going to tell myself I feel great, and in fact, I will feel great. Guess what: it worked. I had some awesome tunes on, was totally in my body, and kept saying: I feel great–I’m so alive, and it’s awesome! I felt so fine throughout the run that I even managed to enjoy the scenery (something I miss when I’m focused on how much my feet hurt, or my legs or whatever), the raucous weather, all of it. And when I got to my turn-around point, I felt so good I just kept going. I ran 9.22 miles, and I was totally psyched by the end.

Psyched! Because my goal of 10 miles is well within reach next weekend. Because I felt pretty dang good after the run, aware that I was sore, but strong and happy and alive. Very much alive. And very lucky too–grateful, like you feel sometimes when your life has some grace to it.

So I say yeah. Try it out.

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