Greg Soejima Memorial Fund

Some of you out there in Seattle and/or Spokane may have known Greg Soejima, Seattle resident and dad of two, who passed away January 4th. Patrick Byers is raising money for a “koden,” a japanese tradition of raising a small amount of money in memoriam to the family. Go to Patrick’s Facebook posting for more info. Greg: may your journey be peaceful.


7 responses to “Greg Soejima Memorial Fund

  1. Thanks so much for posting this.

    Apparently the ChipIn Facebook widget is on the fritz. If you click to donate, the donation works, but it doesn’t reflect new donations.

    So far, 10 people have donated $455. I expect more donations as we get closer to the memorial in Spokane (at a date TBD).

    Greg was a treasure, and he will be greatly missed.

  2. Friends of greg soejima,

    Everyday …. I think of my little brother and all of the people that he touched in life………. Thank you for thinking of him…. He would never hurt any living thing in life… a very caring people… Left us too soon ….

    peace greg…. your sister

    • He continues to touch so many of us, I hope he knew he was loved. We didn’t know him well, but we cared for him and were so sad that yes, he left us too soon.

  3. this is Chloe Soejima
    I was thinking of my dad and i found this website. so I decided to post a comment. My dad really was a great guy.

    love you dad

  4. Greg wa a great friend of mine. I was the last one to see him alive that night. I really miss him! I think about him all the time, rest in peace my friend.

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