Yowza! And I thought taking up running at 53 was big…

Margaret Hagerty at 85

Margaret Hagerty at 85

And I thought taking up running at 53 was a big deal. Fuggedaboudit! Margaret Hagerty is The Boss.

Here’s a quick story of Margaret Hagerty, profiled in Runner’s World (print version) this month. At 64, she quit smoking and took up running (this isn’t the first time I’ve heard that sequence of events…). That was 20 years ago and at age 85, she’s recently completed her 80th marathon.

80. Marathons. Not 5 or 10K races.

I’m simply blown away by that. Plus she runs between 4 and 10 miles a day.

Way to go, Margaret. You’re an inspiration!

3 responses to “Yowza! And I thought taking up running at 53 was big…

  1. I love this! I hope I am even walking 5K at age 84 🙂

  2. I’m 55 and still working 40 plus hours a week. I started running again after a 10 plus year hiatus, two years ago on my Birthday. My husband bought me one of those nike plus gagets so I could track my runs. I run between 15 and 20 miles a week. Since I have started running I have run virtual races,(Nike and the Human Race) and one official 10 k. My longest run has been 10 miles. I love this piece about Margaret. I am a realist, and know I will die someday. Dying does not bother me. It is the potential suffering for years before the grand event that has me worrried. Margaret is an inspiration. She gives me hope that I too can ” Live long and prosper” and stay healthy till my final curtain call. You go Girl! I hope to see you on the trails!

    • Awesome Comment, thanks so much and back atcha: you go girl! A friend said the other day that the only thing she’s really afraid of about getting older is the thought of sitting endlessly in front of a tv. now THAT we have some control over, and we’re exercising it (pun intended). I just get stronger every day and love it–the body lets you know what it likes, and it seems to like movement over sedentary life. Go girl!

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