A twitter friend of mine (@troyapeterson) is building a very cool educational tool with the aim of educating kids through the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) project. It’s a combination of YouTube and Wikipedia and is largely being driven by interested volunteers to build the “nib” database. You can see, use and participate (no sign in required) at


What’s a nib and how does this work:
you watch the extremely insightful and interesting TED talks and add a wikipedia entry to sections of the talk (some TED talks are high level and a working prototype; the offering will include many more channels as time goes on). In this way, kids can simply watch a talk and click on a “nib” to learn more about something they don’t understand. For example, if the TED talk is on Creativity by Amy Tan, there will be clickable nibs scrolling across the bottom offering info on vocab, for example, or names that are referenced in the talk. It’s cool and the more we participate, the richer it gets.

Give it a try if you have a chance, and by all means, add nibs! Just click on a subject you’re interested in and drill down to a talk you’d like to see/listen to.

And if you don’t have time (who does?), just send this info along to anyone else you think might be interested.


3 responses to “Nibipedia–coolness.

  1. Is ‘no sign in’ a feature? We thought it was just beta as usual. Thanks for mentioning us!
    – Terry Schubring

    • I totally think no sign in is a feature. Signing up/signing in is a hurdle that often stops users from clicking thru. Though your point about ‘beta as usual’–can’t speak to that. Thanks Terry–love Nibipedia!

  2. I’m traveling back in time updating old blogs that commented. I know you already know what’s up but I thought I’d say hi. 🙂 has open sourced our original code and have begun looking for underwriters to create a prize to make a Youtube + Wikipedia Mashup. The Wikitube Prize.

    Also, we released a short video that explains our original idea that we weren’t able to create at the time, it is possible now. We’re interested in getting feedback from educators, homeschoolers and students about the proposed app if you can share, it would be appreciated.

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