Days 339-345: MLwC, a Can-Do Attitude and Hope

We democrats are lucky this time around: we’ve got two awesome candidates and I’ll be happy when either one of them wins in November–as I’m certain one of them will. Whoever gets the nod in the run-up, I just hope they have the good sense to step back and let the Repugnicans tear each other apart–I’m also pretty sure that will happen. What goes around comes around.

I’m disappointed that Edwards dropped out. I had my enviro and anti-big-corpo-madness hopes pinned on him, but I wasn’t heart sick to see him leave the race…we have such an excellent choice with Hillary and Barack. Except for one thing…that environment issue. Oh, and the big-corpo-madness issue. I don’t think either of the candidates raises my pulse on those issues and for that, I’m truly hoping for a miracle once they get in office. I’m hoping for some enlightenment, as neither one has a strong track record or seems a strong champion for issues that are big for me. Still and all, as a country, we can only do better, and we have only to put the past eight years where they belong–behind us–and move on in a better direction.

Rosie the Riveter and Hillary Clinton

I’m rooting for Hillary because I think she’s a woman with a can-do attitude. She’s an incredibly hard worker–and like so many women who have had to fight hard to get half the respect they deserve, she’s got some rough edges. I understand that, and I even appreciate that. I understand her demeanor, which at times can be brusk–it doesn’t sway my sense that she has the experience, knowledge and passion to lead us in a direction I wholeheartedly support. I would love Hillary to be a resoundingly successful first woman president of the United States.

But this morning I was thinking about something. I was thinking about how hopeful I was when Bill Clinton was first running for office back in ’92. 15 freaking years ago–I can hardly believe it. Bill Clinton was incredibly hopeful and inspiring and he came from virtually nowhere to win the nomination, and he played music I could relate to, and he was simply the voice of the same section of my generation that wanted a progressive force in the white house after so many dismal years of Bush 1 and Reagan (no, I don’t think Reagan walked on water–I’m from California and witnessed his cold-hearted elitist governing style first hand).

Bill Clinton offered hope that things could be different, and I was swept along with it. All in all I think it was a good presidency, though there are some things I still wish he’d done differently (that’s an understatement). Clinton, both Hillary and Bill, wear the scars of that time.

If Barack gets the nomination, I know he’ll win the presidency, and I’ll help. He’s not my first choice, not even my second choice–but I get the draw. I get the pull of hope, the resonance of a generation chomping at the bit to do things differently, and I hope he’s able to change things, if that’s how the nomination shakes out. More than anything, I’m looking forward to a healing, forward looking president. I remember the allure of hope–it can move mountains.

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4 responses to “Days 339-345: MLwC, a Can-Do Attitude and Hope

  1. Jim Wallis reminded us that Lyndon Johnson did not start his presidency as a civil rights leader, but was pushed by Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Jr. and the civil rights social movement to lead the establishment of important civil rights legislation. That sounds like a miracle within reach.

  2. Hi, Cass,

    Funny how politics and the environment are getting all tangled up . . . Like you, I am placing big hopes on this next president. Unlike you, I am favoring a different person :), with the view that the one embodying the most feminine values is not the woman.

    I also have this postcard, ‘We can do it’, as well as an earlier ‘Chicks Kick Ass’ version of it, both sitting on my desk . . .


  3. Hi Marguerite–good to hear from you! We have the best two candidates I’ve ever seen running for president, so I’m good with whichever way it goes. I don’t want to negate Barack’s many, many fantastic qualities and am glad he’ll be around for a very long time. At the end of the day, one of the candidates speaks to something you care deeply about and draws your support–I really hope it doesn’t mean anything about the other candidate, not this year. Although I’ve certainly been there before. At any rate, Go Barack, Go Hillary–let’s take back our government!

  4. I completely agree with your Hillary views.

    And, I’m a Wellesley woman too.

    BTW, I’m coming back to Seattle for a six month gig and hope to see you! May be staying with lsammons.

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