Days 252-254: MLwC, one thing Bush could have done right and a Hallowe’en snap

Really. I never expected much from Bush, not ever. I didn’t expect good leadership, never expected reflective, thoughtful governance. In my mind, the bar was set pretty low from the get go. And he’s not done much to raise it.

But lately I’m reminded of one little thing, one crystal clear thing he said he’d do that really seems like he could have done. Is it asking so much? I’m not talking about fixing our ruined reputation in the world, not talking about his double-speak blue skies initiative, or his depletion of the national treasury. I’m talking about the No-Call legislation he “pushed” through for us little people–that failed initiative to keep business off my private line, the line I pay for every month. I don’t know about you but I get about 3-5 calls every day–mortgages, insurance, vinyl windows, you name it, they’re pushing it. My name and number is on that list…wherever that list is.

So, no deep thoughts from me today: I just got my third call in the row for who-knows-what ridiculous thing from some poor schlub working for minimum wage somewhere, and I got to thinking about George Bush.

Bush scratching his head confused

Okay, enough. I don’t really like to rant like that, but this evening has just been really irritating and it got me to thinking…always a dangerous thing.

Finally, went over to Poulsbo on business yesterday (that stretched my thinking a little) and on the return trip, enjoyed a gorgeous view of downtown Seattle from the Bainbridge ferry. The Seattle Art Museum building had a wonderful holiday graphic you could see looking east from the waterfront:

Halloween Downtown Seattle

Daily stats: ( Tue, Wed, Thu)
Car: 68 miles (Eastside and Westside biz)
Bike: 11.5 miles
Ped: 3
Bus: 0

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