Day 188-190: MLwC and Pay as you go car insurance

First, here’s a picture of my poor neglected darling:

My Car, the subject of my year long project

She’s the star of the show, you’d think she’d be pleased and yet…and yet….she sits day after day, forlorn and lonely, dust gathering, begging someone to please take a moment to write “Wash Me!” and still, no one does.

Well, I took her out for a ride the other day, over to the eastside and she (in her fantasies, if not reality) flew down the road, white line fever for 33 miles roundtrip, returning home just barely breathing hard and ready for more action. It’s not to be my lovely. In this lifetime, you were joined to me, she who does not appreciate your secret Jetta prowess.

Okay, I’m a little cabin crazy. I’ve got a sinus infection which renders me useless for days and days on end. But here’s a bit of news I picked up: Washington state is going to be trying a pay-as-you-go auto insurance program next year. Pay-as-you-go auto insurance has been around in the UK, AU, NZ and other countries for a while, and has not as yet caused the downfall of anything. I called my Pemco agent a while back cuz I didn’t want to pay so much insurance. “I hardly drive the poor darling,” I said. The agent said, “Look lady, your rates are incredibly low as it is–they’re the lowest I’ve ever seen. I’d kill to have rates this low.”

But I want lower. Cuz I just don’t drive much, that’s why.

There’s apparently another PAYG program in Oregon that’s been in operation since January of this year. Read about it here. I signed up for the Washington version; we’ll see if I get selected to participate in the pilot.

Daily Stats (Tue, Wed, Thu)


Car: 33 miles (3 tasks, 1 person)
Bike: 0
Ped: approx 2 miles
Bus: approx 4 miles

I would like to add here that I just don’t know why travel east and west in the puget sound area is so lacking in mass transit options, but north and south has more every year. East, West, she said as loudly as possible!


2 responses to “Day 188-190: MLwC and Pay as you go car insurance

  1. My car is also in need of a clean. someone wrote “I wish my wife was as filthy as this” on my bonnet the other day. perhaps its a sign.

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