Day 157 & 158: MLwC and small news

How cool is this: I not only remembered the cloth bags for the farmer’s market today (not a very big deal cuz cloth bags are just easier to use at farmer’s market so I made that switch a while ago), but I remembered plastic bags as well! This is a first.

Here’s my new system: when I get home from the market, I unpack the stuff I get and if the plastic bag is clean and dry, I just empty it and put it right back in the cloth bag. Then next week I get to the market and voila, I have plastic bags. I personally think this is sheer brilliance. Since I just recycled two bulging bags of plastic bags today, I’m thinking we could make a real dent in our personal contribution to the mountans of this modern-living-through-chemicals product.

Okay, so it’s not big. But you takes your smiles where you find them.  Here’s a mini-challenge I’m going to take up this week: not one new plastic bag.  For all instances, re-use or use canvas.


It takes approximately 10-20 years for bio-degradable plastic bags to bio-degrade.  That’s a definition stretch, in my mind. It’s estimated that 500 million to a billion bags are used and discarded each year, and that’s probably a low-ball number; others estimate the number at 100 billion.

Daily Stats (Sat & Sun)
Car: 24 miles (5 tasks, 2 people)
Bike: 0
Ped: approx 5 miles
Bus: 0
Water Taxi: approx 2 miles

2 responses to “Day 157 & 158: MLwC and small news

  1. Yup — I’m sooo with ya. I think I got through 3 straight weeks without accepting a new plastic bag because I brought my own produce bags to the produce market and used my Trader Joe’s 99 cent reusable bags for all the rest. Same strategy — when I get home I re-pack the clean produce bags into the larger “carry” bags and then it all goes back into my trunk for next Sunday’s grocery shopping. (Trader Joes and Yakima Produce are 5-10 miles away, so I gotta drive 😦 )

    Anyways — kudo’s girl. It’s amazing to think how each of us could make a serious dent in one aspect of the plastics industry if we maintained this practice!

    My next goal is to cut down on those plastic latte cups I get every day. Somehow making the jump to providing my own “to go” vessel seems much much harder…..

  2. Hi,
    I hope you can help me.. I saw this picture on your blog. At the Daily Mail in London, we are looking for great images of the plastic bag problem… and I really like this one.
    Please can you terll me where it came from so that I can get hold of a much bigger file size for us to print from.
    Best Nigel

    tel 0044 7973252131

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