Day 136 & 137: MLwC, here’s a sign of change…

Saturday, we used my my car to go to the beach in the afternoon for a read and some people watching. We took the car because we have these beach-chairs-with-backpack-functionality that we love and were made for that very activity… and they’re a little bulky.

Summer time and the livin is easy!

So we hopped in the car and I sort of unconsciously checked the gas. Half a tank, cool. In that moment, I realized I didn’t remember the last time I put gas in my car. It could be two months, it could even be more–I simply don’t recall. That, to me, is amazing. And a real sign of change in my habits. And I’m happy as a clam at how much money I’ve saved without realizing it! cool!

Speaking of Cool, NoImpactMan completely redefines cool on a regular basis and his recent addition of Ultra-cool drinking devices was a LOL moment–not that he isn’t totally serious–he is. But rather because his idea for water carrying devices just makes me giggle, it’s so…I don’t know…so what-they-would-have-done-50-years-ago and not given it another thought. We’ve come a long way, baby, or maybe not. Check it out here.

Also, it seems in the arena of personal action, we have a newish blogger, LaMarguerite whose blog name is a hoot: “My Inconvenient Truth: the Daily Sins of a Green Girl Wannabe.” What’s cool about this blog is how she chronicles this growing awareness around how we live and what the impact is. The post called “Why” is so interesting–it’s an earlier one where she wonders what I’m sure just about everyone wonders when starting to change how they live; in her case she sees a fractal in the way she forgets to bring her own bags to the store:

What happens when I choose the lazy way? What makes me go for “Plastic please”? My first thought is, why bother, such a small thing, it will not make a difference. The global warming problem is so huge. One little extra plastic bag, I can get away with it. Leave it up to the powers in charge, the heads of States, the big businesses, to come up with the big solutions.

I am very attached to my life as I have known it in America. Things I do not really want to give up: long hot showers, letting water running while I work at the kitchen sink, using the dryer to dry our clothes, the convenience of plastic bags, shopping for clothes whenever I feel like it, plane travel, printing indiscriminately on one side of the paper, our two daily papers, not having to unplug and restart my computer each time, paying my bills using snail mail, living in my big house, being a dilettante recycler. It all boils down to a short term personal balance sheet. What am I willing to give up in terms of personal comfort, in return for a relatively minuscule, and mostly unacknowledged, contribution to the larger pie?

The very fact that LaMaguerite is asking these questions makes my day. For the most part, we’re living unconsciously. Waking up, seeing the potential for change in the smallest choices is a huge step. All the product engineers, the marketing gurus and the bean counters have made this lifestyle of ours very easy–waaaay easier than doing otherwise. It’s waaay easier to just use the bag at the store than to remember to bring your own. But bringing your own is one small part of a larger frame of mind, and the larger frame of mind can maybe move mountains. You are my hero today, LaMarguerite!

Daily stats: Saturday and Sunday
Car: approx 7 miles (2 people, 2 tasks)
Bike: 0
Ped: approx 3 miles
Bus: 0
other: 0

3 responses to “Day 136 & 137: MLwC, here’s a sign of change…

  1. You made my day too, with your kickback comment. I am glad, at least someone thinks of me as a hero(heroin?). I thought I was just a sinner, like everybody else . . .

    Actually, being also a business person, in addition to a psychotherapist, I have some ulterior motives with this blog, which I may share with you, some day, if you are interested.

  2. Hi.
    Good design, who make it?

  3. cutline, by Chris Pearson.

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