Seattle’s composting program

Just a note to all Seattle area readers: are you composting your food scraps yet?  Seattle has a truly exemplary program in place to reduce landfill by as much as 50% or more…if only we could get our seattleites to put their vegetable food scraps in their yard waste bins.

Sound easy?  It is.  Couldn’t be easier–we’ve been doing it now for several months and it’s a pretty sweet deal.  We now have the smallest trash container allowed which means reducing our monthly solid waste bill, and we feel good about turning our estimated 10+ lbs. per week of veggie + fruit scraps into rolling hills of compost for our parks and gardens.


So, just do it.  It’s simple and it works.

4 responses to “Seattle’s composting program

  1. We don’t have that kind of a program here is Missouri but, I think that we should. I compost already for my personal use. I just put a coffee can on my counter until I can get it outside to my compost pile.

  2. I do that as well, in the winter when the garden beds are “composting,” and so does my neighbor Susan. The city wide program is a real break-through for a lot of city dwellers. I hear next year there may be a cost attached and that might cause us to re-think it but for now, it’s a great program and a model for other cities! Thanks Julie!

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  4. I feel your angst. I never had any good luck with this kind of stuff, either.
    So glad to know I’m not all by my lonesome!

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