Day 109 & 110: MLwC and who knew walking could be so complicated?

Well, who knew walking could be so dang complicated? Mytechvision (good luck on your exams!) sent along a BBC story about the controversy around children walking to school. I know the world is complex, more so all the time, and making decisions around child rearing even more so, but lordie, where’s our common sense?

What’s weird is that the school in question seemed to almost demonize the mom who thought it was okay for her son to walk a few blocks to school.

Speaking of walking and different cultural perspectives: this project I’ve been on in Chicago. It’s not actually in Chicago but a pretty cushy suburb of same. I told the project owners that next week I’ll stay in a hotel closer to the center so I can walk and they looked at me like I was a freak–no lie. I actually think it took me down a few notches in their estimation, and they pronounced that in no way would I be walking anywhere. It’s simply not done.

No reasons given, just “it’s not done.” I’ve already been out jogging around and have lived to tell the tale…not that I would tell them the tale. This is the same group that disparagingly described their workers as having to take “public transportation.” Hmmm–if they knew I bussed around Seattle, what would they think?

Bottom line: we’re so far from simple, smart, efficient forms of transportation in many urban settings that it’s a tad discouraging to think they could change their mind sets, but time will tell.

Daily stats (Wednesday/Thursday)
Car: about 15 miles total (carpool)
Foot: about 2 miles
Bus: heavens, no!
Plane: 1700 miles.


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