Day 101: WLwC and seattle bus genius

Carla Saulter–Bus Chick— writes in Real Change about a couple of local guys who are Rapid Transit Geniuses. The first is Christian French who has turned bus-riding into an art–literally!–and is sharing his work at the SOIL gallery. He describes his adventures as Transit-Hero like this:

“SuperHeroism: The Adventures of TransitMan catalogues the artist’s/Hero’s experiences to date and explores the questions that face us all with regards to the choices we make on a daily basis. If it is possible to change the world through simple acts, do we then have an obligation to do so? “

Then there’s Tom Bakker–aka “The Human Bus Summary”– who has been riding the bus since he was 6 years old on Capitol Hill and knows every bus schedule and route by heart. Carla tested him–he’s seriously a Rainman of Bus Schedules. There’s nowhere in the Northwest that he doesn’t know the bus schedule for–holy smokes. I have trouble just keeping my few West Seattle routes in mind.

These two guys take mass transit to a whole new level–extremely cool.

Daily stats (Monday/holiday)
Car: 0
Bike: 0
Foot: approx 3.5 miles
Bus: 0


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