Tiger Mosaic


I’ve written about Wildlife Alliance (nee WildAid) before and just checked their newly evolving site to see what they’re up to. It’s a good site, with lots of interesting drill-down…one of them being The Tiger Mosaic.

You have got to check out The Tiger Mosaic. As most probably know, Tigers and other endangered animals are being hunted to extinction for fur and mythical aphrodisiac qualities–the most ridiculous and unenlightened thing I can imagine: killing an animal for its fur or body parts for their “special powers.” Good lord, people, will we ever evolve?

But back to The Tiger Mosaic: this is very cool. By signing up, you submit a picture of yourself that will become part of a massive (truly massive) mosaic depicting the tiger’s gorgeous countenance. The mosaic itself is amazing–go there if only to check that out. Also notable: our tax dollars at work, check their partnership with DFW (Dept of Fish & Wildlife).

Wildlife Alliance is an exceptional organization–very smart, very efficient, very passionate. Hang out in their site for a little while–it’s beautiful.

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