Day 68 – 70: My life w car

So, I’m not going to say much about the heart-breaking tragedy of the VTech–who am I to say anything about something so overwhelmingly sad. I can’t imagine the grief of all the families and friends involved. I also note from the news and such that life has gone on pretty quickly…is that bad? More info comes out about the strange, mixed-up boy at the center of the story–isolated, ostracized, the usual– but after that, what’s there to say?

Unless we’re going to truly discuss guns and gun use in this culture, the impact of bullies, the impact of violent media (the snaps from Cho’s video look like a something from an a comic book villain/hero film), what is there to talk about? These kids are gone. These professors are gone. It happened so fast, and is over.

Daily Stats:
car: 34.5 miles (5 tasks)
bike: 11 miles (4 tasks)
hybrid electric bus: approx 12 miles
flexcar: 0

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