Day 58: My Life w Car

Mexico gets it!!


One of the last gray whale “nurseries” in the world–in San Ignacio, Baja California, Mexico–has received a huge boost in protected lands, as reported by NRDC. 109,000 acres of federal land surrounding this habitat will be set aside for conservation…by the Mexican government. This spoils the plans of several companies to use this area–such as Mitsubishi, Essa and others, which is a great victory!


Now if Mexico can just limit the amount of tourist travel, marinas, high end resorts etc, maybe this gem can remain a sanctuary for not just whales, but for an entire natural system. I’m not so sure that Mexico is aiming for this; even Costa Rica, a country committed to its natural bounty, is running right on the razor’s edge of selling its crown jewels. But there are models, it can be done at least to a degree–we can limit access and still keep people happy and able to visit. It’s a constant struggle for Hawaii or the Grand Canyon, for example, but with smart limits, it can be done.

Daily stats:
Days without carbon based transportation: 0
car: 3.5 miles
bike: 0
flexcar/bus: 0

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