day 54 thru 57: My Life w Car


Fabulous news today: Bush is a self-serving corporate lapdog and the Supreme Court busts his chops!

I love Justice Stevens:

The high court specifically rejected the Bush administration’s “laundry list of reasons not to regulate.” They include the assertion that the new U.S. auto regulations “might impair the president’s ability’s to negotiate with ‘key developing nations’ to reduce emissions.”

“While the president had broad authority in foreign affairs, that authority does not extend to the refusal to execute domestic laws,” Stevens wrote.

And note the coy use of the past tense: “while the president had broad authority….” I think there’s a wink and a nod there to the coming end of an era.

House of cards, baby! It’s only a matter of time.

Daily stats:
Days without carbon based transportation: 2
car: approx 5 miles
bike: 10.2 miles
flexcar/bus: 0

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