day 45 thru 48: My Life w Car


I’ve lost track of the days since returning to the states, partly because of a rush of tasks to tend to and partly because I returned here sick–once again–from the water or the food or the pollution in El Salvador. Whatever good I might say about El Salvador is usually outweighed by the risks there–and not just criminal. Out of the last 7 visits there, I’ve been sick 4 times, and one of those was deathly sick. I believe this is my last trip in a while and I’m quite alright with that.

But what a week! Every time I turn on the news, read the paper or listen to the radio, it seems like someone or some country is putting a stake in the ground regarding global climate change. Canada’s PM Harper decides to make the country a world leader in energy conservation and green initiatives, Al Gore testifies (testily, at times) in Washington on climate change, and more US companies are embracing better/greener business practices than ever before.


It helps to see a little light now and again. And for myself–what have I done this week? Well, I’ve driven more than usual though I’m still hoping to not drive two business days–today and tomorrow– this week and am target to do just that. It’s been cold and rainy–colder than usual this time of year–and I haven’t felt very strong.

Loved Dave Pollard’s article this week about getting fit, getting strong, taking care of oneself–we’ve got work to do! Speaking of work, I’m beginning a new contract with a company I basically loathe and which shall remain unnamed; my partner would prefer that I not work for them but I will, and here’s why: I always view contracts like this as Money Laundering. I take their money and I donate it to causes that are worth supporting–thus the dirty money becomes cleansed by its purpose in the world. Besides, this company isn’t as terrible as I make it out to be–it’s not making weapons or profiting off of wars. It’s just a big consumer-oriented company and I don’t care for it. Glad to take their money and give it to groups like Wild Aid….

By the way, WildAid is an amazing organization. Strongly recommend checking it out–they have one goal and only one goal in life: abolish the slaughter of wild and endangered animals for decorative, magical or aphrodisiac purposes. They have an amazing rating from the Charity Navigator for being nearly all focused on field work, with little overhead.

Daily/weekly stats:
Car: approx 31 miles/8-10 tasks
Bike: 0
Flexcar: 0
Bus: 0

Days without carbon based transportation: 2


2 responses to “day 45 thru 48: My Life w Car

  1. Hi there, wonderful to see the strong endorsement and support of the organization I work for – but WildAid has actually changed its name and we are now the Wildlife Alliance – with the same emphasis on field programs to protect wildlife and habitats in Southeast Asia and the same emphasis on providing DIRECT PROTECTION FOR WILDLIFE IN DANGER. You can see our rating at Charity Navigator at the following URL:

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