Addendum: WildAid is now Wildlife Alliance

I was notified last month that WildAid had made an organizational and name change at the start of the year, but neglected to use the new name in my note yesterday–and Wildlife Alliance Dev Mgr Michael Zwirn contacted me to clarify. Here is the new name: Wildlife Alliance. Check out their website here.

You can check out their great work and a review of their organization at Charity Navigator online. Give often and generously. And if you work with less-than-favorite companies like I do, consider it money laundering–or your very own corporate green initiative.

Thanks Michael and team for all the good work you do!

One response to “Addendum: WildAid is now Wildlife Alliance

  1. WildAid did not became Wildlife alliance!!! WildAid and Wildlife Alliance are two separate entity… WildAid had decide to rename his field program Wildlife alliance in 2006 and split with it in early 2007. For your information you must know that Wildlife Alliance Cambodiais a model of missbehaviour as they release domesticated apes in wild in order to grow their result, without care for the life of those animal, they also torch house of poor people and have problem with human right organisation… That is may be the reason of the split.

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