Day 37: My Life w Car

In Seattle, we have this great program for composting food scraps that’s just working out so well and reducing our overall garbage production. It just started in December, and it’s been part of our ongoing discussion regarding what to do with our food scraps.

As vegetarians, our food scraps are easy and ideal for composting; the biggest issue is we have more food scraps than a small worm bin can really handle. I, particularly, eat a lot of fruit everyday which results in a lot of peels, cores, and other fruit scraps. Then we eat a lot of fresh veggies that create a pile of scraps–cores, peels, etc. We’ve always wanted to compost everything but haven’t been able to, mainly due to the amount.


Well, now we just add it to our yard waste! What could be easier! At first we were skeptical because we figured the neighborhood raccoons would dig into it, but turns out that with all the other green material in the bin–leaves, grass, prunings, etc–the smell of our veggies and fruit scraps gets overwhelmed. So, so far, so good. And it has reduced our garbage by about 30% each week–amazing!

We still do the worm composting, by the way. The vermiculture output is so good for the garden soil, we could never stop that entirely. Anxious to get the garden going this year!


Daily Stats:
Car: 8.5 miles/ 3 tasks
Bike: 0
Flexcar: 0
Bus: 0
a pie: 0


One response to “Day 37: My Life w Car

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