Day 35 & 36: My Life w Car

Getting back into the rhythm of things…Spring has finally begun to make a concerted effort to happen in Seattle. The day was warm and beautiful and the air was full of flowers and pollen. Personally, I can’t hardly stand the pollen–it’s tough to be out in it, but it’s the most welcome thing I can imagine after a long cold, wet winter.


This afternoon I was checking in on Dave Pollard’s blog and read a piece on diet and food and toxins and the whole big bad thang. What to eat is a discussion about the impact of processed foods on our overall health. It seems we’ll eat anything, and I sure did witness that on the cruise. The one that really amazed me was lunchtime.

Lunch, for me, is a smallish meal between a good breakfast and a good dinner. Most of us don’t have a lot of time for lunch anyway, so probably a lot of people are like me in that they don’t eat huge amounts at lunch. Not so the cruising crowd: I saw lines of people with overflowing plates of pork and ribs and chicken and beef, with sides of beans, rice, some scant attention to veggies, and of course, a huge dessert. Not once, mind you, but everyday. And then they turned around and had bacon and sausage for breakfast, and a huge meat dish for dinner.

When I was a kid, people really didn’t eat this much meat. People now days eat meat three times a day–it’s so unneccessary and as noted in the above article, and the comments following, it takes a huge amount of system resources to digest meat properly. When did meat 3 times a day become part of the food pyramid?


Tue Daily stats:
car: 12.5 miles/ 2 tasks
bike: 0
flexcar: 0

Wed Daily stats:
car: 0
flexcar: 0
bus: 0
a pie: 3.5/ 1 task–walk to grocery store


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