Day 22: My Life w Car

Oooh, golly, I love this news.
EU pledges to cut greenhouse gases by 30% by 2020! What’s the leader of the Free-Freaking-World doing about global climate change? Nothing, nix, nada, zip. The jury’s still out, Bush says, on whether global climate change is real.


There are kids growing up today who will not have a sense of our country as leading the rest of the world in anything other than saber-rattling and war. I really and truly mourn the loss of our country’s standing as a leader and a beacon for the rest of the world to follow.

But hang on, maybe the states will come forward and join the rest of the world in trying to deal with a very real problem that threatens all of us. California–New York–Washington state…or maybe companies who want to actually be 100 year companies will step up where our pig-headed prez dares not tread. Cal recently floated a law that would require eco-friendly lightbulbs by 2012 and Seattle residents recently set a new record for recycling not only yard waste but kitchen waste as well, reducing landfill by over 20%.

I used to be a believer in the fed government as leading the rest of the country to embrace changes that are good for us but are difficult for us. I have lost faith in the federal government to do anything but spend recklessly and ruin our reputation in the world. I hope we’re not the last ones to join in the effort to turn the environment around but I expect we probably will be.

Oh well.

Daily stats:
Car: 0
Bike: 8.5 miles, 4 tasks, brisk ride!
flexcar: 0
bus: 0

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