Day 20 & 21: My Life w Car

The weather in Seattle has turned windy, cold and wet–not so inviting for a quick bike ride to run errands or just tool around.

My partner and I are preparing to accompany my mother and her husband on a cruise, starting wednesday. Called the Sea of Cortez cruise, I’m at once looking forward to a break from the Seattle winter blues and dreading the epicenter of consumer americana–eating 18 hours a day, being shuttled from one staged activity to the next, creating mountains of throw away garbage everywhere we go….


well, so, lighten up. We’ve decided to put all those distasteful issues aside and enjoy the trip, make the most of it, because it’s my mom’s 80th birthday and it’s what she most wants to do. So we will turn a blind eye towards the less appetizing aspects of the trip and focus on the beautiful waters off Baja California and the Mexican west coast.

Mexico has increasingly set aside large underwater sanctuaries and national parks, and I intend to enjoy at least a few of them! Kudos to Mexico, even if the real purpose is to drive tourist dollars, they have figured out, like Costa Rica, that their best chance at getting those bucks is to save their environment…at least part of it.


I suppose now I will have to add “Ship” to the many forms of transportation involved in my life. What’s weird is that I am probably traveling more this year than any other year, even as I’m trying to make a conscious decision to use my car less–much less–and maybe even get rid of it.

Time will tell.

Daily stats:
car: 14 miles, 4 tasks
bike: 0
flexcar: 0
bus: 0

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