Day 19: My Life w Car

Back in Seattle on a stellar early spring day!!

While I was in El Sal, I was thinking about my bike. I only saw two bicyclists while there, but notably, one of them was a cop–that’s a huge change.

Anyway, right before I left, the work on my bike was complete and I got to take it out for a very quick spin. Big kudos to Aaron’s Bike Repair –Aaron, as noted previously, is a bear to work with but his work is top notch. And if I’m going to be riding my bike more, hang the bad social graces, I’d rather have a great bike.

About 10 years ago, I had my dream bike–fit me perfectly, was tough and responsive, wasn’t at all fancy but I loved it. It was a miyata and alas, was stolen. When I tried to replace it, I found that Miyata weren’t even sold in Washington anymore for some weird reason. So I searched for my next great bike and landed on a Bianchi–trouble was, it never quite felt right and we never really bonded, even though I commuted everywhere on it.

Aaron and his crew have now made this bike one I can bond with–it fits like a dream, is smooth and lovely to ride–I feel we can be friends. I know that sounds weird but there are a few things I depend on in my life that when they work and are dependable, feel like partners to me. My PowerBook is one of those things–it’s just perfect and always works.

I just took my Bianchi out to run some errands and get a feel for how it works and I love it–it’s so comfortable and responsive. So, Thank You Aaron, and your team for making me one happy bicyclist.

Daily stats:
my car: 4 miles, 1 task
Bianchi the Bike: 7 miles, 3 tasks
flexcar: 0
bus: 0

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