Day 17 & 18: My Life w Car

Left El Salvador early in the am and hit LAX by noon. After the customs ordeal, I always head outside where I can get some fresh air and sun, just a walk around the perimeter is enough to make me feel human again. And this time was no different except that I was especially taken by the clean air.

El Salvador’s air quality, like so many struggling countries, is just awful. It’s painful to breath after a few days, though if you lived there, I’m not sure it would be so noticeable–we have the capacity to get used to just about everything. I saw the swallows flying around–El Sal doesn’t have a huge bird population, migratory or resident other than grackles and doves–and I wondered the toll this bad air must take on birds generally there. Fortunately, the swallows will head back north in a month.

Daily stats:
taxi/car: 35 miles
bike: 0 miles
flexcar: 0 miles
bus: 0 miles
airplane: apprx. 3,000 miles

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