Day 12: My Life with Car

One of the things that struck me yesterday in my Flexcar experiment was how much stuff I’m used to carrying around when I’ve got a car or even a bike. I was lugging far more stuff around between dropping my bike off and my downtown appt. than I actually probably needed–but I don’t think much about how much crap I’m carrying around when I’ve got a big car to throw it into. The experience made me think about how much I actually need.

I think about this issue already, in fact, when I’m traveling. My question as a consultant is always: what do I really need to do my job? laptop, phone, notebook and pen. Really, that’s all. The good stuff is my experience and my brain–and those things come in a handy carrying case already.

Knowing what we reallyneed for anything–a healthy diet, money, housing, entertainment–is a peculiarly american problem. The answer lies in the general feeling of “you can never have enough.” But that’s just not true, and it’s just not sustainable. Why are we so afraid to have less?

Daily stats:
Car: 5 miles/ 2 tasks
Bike: 0
flexcar: 0
bus: 0

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