Day 10: My Life with Car

I realized today that a better metric to measure trip efficiency than just mileage is to also include tasks, when necessary or applicable. Yesterday, for example, I had several things to tend to and managed to adjust my schedule to avoid several or even more than one trips–obviously this helps mitigate car usage to some degree.

I had an interesting discussion last night with a colleague, Bill Price, who is every inch the global business dude; the topic of US center-of-the-universe mentality came up and he noted, “our dominance over everything will be a thing of the past in 20 or so years…most everyone else knows this and the government here is trying to grapple with this reality. It will be a wake up call when China begins to flex its muscles.” Add to this the recent news that China is launching its first big “green” program to deal with global warming–putting us to shame.

All we seem able to do anymore is declare new terrorist threats and threaten new wars. I wondered yesterday what would happen if the government simply decreed that we would use 50% less gas in 3 years come hell or high water. Well, most likely, any hang-dog president who would do that would end up with a miserable term like Jimmy Carter–a true statesman who has done more for the world outside of the office than he was able to accomplish in it. But I wonder…could we all get a little more flexible in our thinking and yes, cut oil use by 50%? Is it even possible? How could we be held hostage by our own worst instincts then?

Daily stats:
Car: 20 miles, 3 tasks
Bike: 0
flexcar: 0
bus: 0

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