Day 9: My Life with Car

One day, maybe, the title would be: My Life without Car. Dunno…

Quiet office day today, got out for one long sprint in the area, but otherwise holed up on this gray, drizzly day.

gray seattle day

transportation stats:
Car: 0
Bike: approx 10 miles
Flexcar: 0
Bus: 0

this coming weekend I travel to El Salvador–that will be a big transportation day, and then while I’m in San Salvador, I’ll pretty much be hoofing it around. I work down there as a consultant on a long term project for a NW company; I go to ES once a month for a week.

When you buy your tickets on Expedia, they allow you to add in what they call a TerraPass which allows the traveler, for an added amount, to buy back the carbon footprint of your travel. I add it to all my trips and it helps a little. I travel a lot, so the pollution concerns get to me after awhile.

Also, nice blog entry on northwest bike commuting here.

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