Day 8: My Life with Car

Considerations: read Dave Pollard’s encouraging and always insightful blog this morning. He wrote about how he’s feeling a certain “buzz” that may indicate we are ready–collectively–to change the world. He used the phrase “something’s happening here,” recalling the Buffalo Springfield hit from the 60’s–such a great song.

Smashmouth’s 1997 song “Might as well be walking on the sun,” popped in my head with these lyrics:

“Twenty-five years ago they spoke out and they broke out
Of recession and oppression and together they toked
And they folked out with guitars around a bonfire
Just singin’ and clappin’ man what the hell happened
Then some were spellbound some were hellbound, some they fell down
And some got back up and fought back ‘gainst the melt down….”

Point being: a generation did stand up. And now we all need to stand up again. It’s possible–we can demand more, and future generations require that we demand more.

But changing requires re-engineering your life, and that’s a tall order for a lot of us. Each one of us who demands more, however, communicates to someone near that we can change the world.

Yesterday’s transportation stats:
car: 32 miles (biz trip to Bellevue and back)
bike: 0
flexcar: 0
bus: 0


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