Day 7: My Life with Car

So this is the end of the first week. My partner drove us both on errands today, about 12 miles, I’m guessing–to the gym and to PCC.

It was a rainy, wet day like Seattle is famous for–it was warmer than it’s been though. You gotta be hardy to bike around here; my bike is not yet ready for packing stuff out from the store–I took off the funky rack I had on there and I need another panier for carrying stuff, so we just drove.

My total miles for this week:
car: approx 38 miles
bike: approx 25
flexcar: 0
bus: 0
Days with no car usage: 3

Some good links:
Seattle’s official bike site is here, no mention of the many, many potholes that threaten bikers, the thing is outdated, but it’s still better than what many cities offer.

Seattle Critical Mass: I’ve only joined it once but I admire it a lot.

Some critical mass photos on flickr…the slide show is the best.

And finally, the Sierra Club–lots of information, petitions to George W., information and etc.

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