Days 5 & 6: My Life with Car

Friday and Saturday…weekends definitely pose a challenge to minimizing car usage. The biggest problem is time and social activities. Weekends are so short and there’s so much to do–perhaps as time goes on, I’ll just figure out how to have less to do. Our needs expand so as to fill the time and space available.

Friday: big haul day, Costco run and pet supplies. We get cat sand for our indoor cats in large quantities–about 50 lbs worth at a pop, so a car comes in handy. I scheduled this run with the Costco run which is also by nature a heavy load…though not as heavy as some. We eat a lot of fruit and Costco really is the best buy for as much fruit as we keep handy at home. Finally, I stopped at the gym for a good all-over workout.

I Love Fruit!

Total mileage: 13.5
Total time: 3.5 hrs.
If I’d used a flexcar that would have come to about 32 bucks. Bike was out of the question.

Saturday: This day seemed like it was a waste of gas. A few friends tell me that I should really focus on getting one car off the road one day a week, but that figure seems like about a decade old and it seems to me now that at the minimum I should shoot for two days a week, if not three. By that measure, I accomplished something this week but it all seemed to fade on Saturday. We drove to the gym (one of these days soon I’m going to ride to the gym on my bike), like so man other people, and then drove to the store to get flowers for the friends who were having us over for dinner; then we drove to Magnolia where I never go and we wandered around, got lost about four times looking for their house and finally finding it after too much cruising around.

Maybe we can kind of guide our social visits to central areas, like downtown–we often take the bus downtown for social stuff. But this was different and they wanted us to see their house, and anyway, after awhile, I realized I was stressing myself out by being altogether too rigid about driving/not driving.

Total mileage: about 25
total time: 7 hrs, including visit

I saw this commercial on TV that was run by, they’re pretty amazing and focused where they should be: on generationst to come. Check them out.

the big news this week is of course the UN report on Global Environmental Change–90% of the world’s scientists now agree that global environmental change is real and is happening. Too bad the U.S. doesn’t agree or maybe we would lead the way to new thinking. I’d like to see us spend a trillion on building a new path to saving this planet–a trillion on stewardship. Yeah, that’s what I’d like to see.


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