Day 4: My Life with Car

I’m focused on my bike right now as life is sort of shaking out like this: for most trips near-haul, a bike works best and is the best alternative. All things in West Seattle, except for heavy loads, should be doable on my bike.

It’s been a while since I commuted regularly on my bike…I used to commute everywhere but somehow in the grown-up work world, I stopped. My bike became the ocassional recreational vehicle. This week I realized that this particular bike, a Bianchi, has never been comfortable for riding and I decided to take it in to Aaron’s bike shop to get that addressed and to add a few things like an odometer so I can keep better comparitive records on travel.

Aaron is a bit of a bear but he’s crazy about bikes and cycling so that makes him a good resource. He has two assistants now, a testament to biking in general and his own business focus. Anyhoo, they measured me, measured the bike and informed me my bike doesn’t fit me–uh, yeah. That’s why I brought it in. In order to change the situation, I’d need a new stem, new brake cables…and while we’re at it, the bike could definitely use an overhaul. I couldn’t argue with that, it’d been several years and I used to ride it pretty hard. Well, maybe you can guess how much all that is going to run.

aaron of aaron’s bikes

So much for the reduced expense of non-auto travel. I’ll have this all done next week and it will be good to have a bike that fits and rides well but I am sort of bummed at the outlay of cash.

travel: 2 miles RT by bike, that’s all.

Ran across this site yesterday–really like it a lot and blown away by the fact that Kifer was killed by a drunk driver in 2003.


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